Since 2016. 

 SETSETSET has embarked on its jorney with a quesion. 

 How do we present Korean culture in a more stylish and modern way? SETSETSET is women's fashion brand that develops trendy color textile design every season to approach the Korean culture from different angles and to demonstrate it anew every time with lovely and kitsch feels. 


 'Happy new year!' 


 'Mugunghwa has blossomed' etc. 

 With the whole crew (illustrators, photographers, and songwriters), 

 we continue to build SETSETSET as a captivating brand that should be regarded as a well-communicating brand, presenting Korean culture in a more creative and fun way. Until the day when people around the world communicate each other by wearing SETSETSET.

Designer J

My goal is to become an ambassador of fashion culture who can communicate and share feelings about Korean culture with all people around the world through SETSETSET's clothing. 

 I was lucky enough to study textile design, fashion, and jewelry design in school. I also had an opportunity to speak with many of my crew members about our values, and came to realize that many of them are interested in the culture of the nation and want to express their interest in certain ways. 

 I believe that it is very natural as they were born and raised 

in Korea and have absorbed the tradition deeply immersed 

in our daily lives. Wouldn't it be the Korean culture that of 

7 billion people in the world, we Koreans know the best 

and can express the best? By developing my strengths to the fullest, 

I have created SETSETSET, a fashion brand that presents and 

carries the daily life culture of Korea.